Procurement Software for Automotive Industry

Demanding environmental and safety regulations and shifting trends in growth from established to emerging markets are redefining the global automotive industry.

Automotive sourcing, procurement and supply management teams are challenged to:

  • Develop new high-performance supplier networks to service expanding ranges of products and services across broader, more culturally diverse geographies.
  • Extract greater value, innovation and sharing of investment, product development and other risks from global suppliers.
  • Find innovative ways to sustain profitability against a tide of nondiscretionary upward cost pressures and low market pricing power for producers.
  • Position their enterprises to capture not only sales growth but also aftermarket opportunities in emerging markets.

Speed, agility, connection, integration and truly global intelligence will be the hallmarks of tomorrow’s successful automotive sourcing, procurement and supply management teams.


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Automotive Industry Challenges

Automotive procurement teams will play central roles in shaping vehicle producers’ ongoing profitability as they:

  • Navigate complex webs of emerging-market opportunities and local-market supplier discovery, development and performance management requirements.
  • Continue to innovate in terms of fuel economy, safety and driver/passenger experiences.
  • Face greater competition from market entrants and/or blurring of distinctions among existing producers, vehicle types and classes.
  • Cope with unprecedented vehicle cost/price and performance transparency as consumers share information digitally.
  • Balance consumer demands for design and feature customization (derivatives) against supply complexity and cost risks.
  • Cope with expanding pollution, fuel economy and other demands across multiple regions, regulatory and government systems.

How We Can Help

Zycus’ robust, fully integrated suite of sourcing, procurement and supplier management solutions can help your business to proactively mitigate financial and business risks and deliver sustainable profitability.

Our holistic source-to-settle suite emphasizes disciplined, thorough management of suppliers and contracts, empowering automotive procurement teams to move business performance levers including product quality, safety and reliability, production costs, plant up-time, yield, return on capital, warranty costs and regulatory compliance.

  • Use SPEND ANALYSIS to obtain constant and effortless visibility into global direct and indirect spending. Utilize high-level to extremely detailed views of spending and cost drivers to inform strategies for controlling costs, minimizing supply complexity and concentrating business with the most competitive, innovative and high-performing suppliers. Read More
  • Use STRATEGIC SOURCING to power cross-functional collaboration and capture of sourcing and supply requirements across consumer-facing, R&D, design, operations, production and even aftermarket functions. Enable rapid supplier discovery and credentialing in new global markets and promote best, most competitive sourcing decisions across multiple competitive criteria, including cost/price, quality, leadtime, supplier performance history and so forth. Read More
  • Use CONTRACT MANAGEMENT to accelerate contract creation and execution, to enable risk management against changing market conditions and to cascade environmental, regulatory and other citical requirements systematically and consistently throughout multi-tiered global supplier networks. Read More
  • Use SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT to accelerate, manage and control all supplier credentialing, onboarding and ongoing performance management and development processes. Create precision KPIs and performance scorecards to balance multiple competing objectives and to drive supplier behaviors that consistently support business strategies across multiple and diverse global geographies. Read More
  • Use the integrated and automated FINANCIAL SAVINGS MANAGEMENT to consistently and efficiently connect procurement performance results to key corporate financial metrics such as profit and loss, cash flow, cost of goods sold and balance sheet. Read More
  • Use PROCURE-TO-PAY to manage and ensure compliant spending across complex, global and multilingual corporate environments and to ensure complete capture of competitive advantages obtained through strategic sourcing, contracting and supplier management processes. Read More


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