Importance of Contract Management Solutions for ROI
Importance of Contract Management Solutions for ROI

What happens when you can’t manage your contracts well?

  • You end up with a very long contract cycle time
  • You allow the critical legal information to stay fragmented and exposed
  • You may miss out on the contract deadline or incremental savings opportunities
  • You up the legal, market and procurement ROI (return-on-investment) risk quotient

With our Contract Management solution we assure you this will not happen.

We will help your company centralize contract storage, track contract compliance and reduce contract creation cycle time using Zycus’ robust modules- iContract Repository and iContract Authoring

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How we help you

We start by listening to your needs.

We then empower our contract management solutions to help meet your procurement objectives, so you have greater business impact through:

  • Accelerated contracting processes and enhanced compliance across legal systems and government regulations
  • Enhanced stewardship, security and continuity around important documents
  • Reduced maverick spending and erosion of cost savings
  • Awareness of spend and risk management related to market conditions and contract expiry

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Horizon 2013 Panel Discussion
Horizon 2013 Panel Discussion

Contract Management Software Features

iContract Repository

It helps you create a smart contract warehouse with

  • User defined access controls
  • Powerful multi-parameter and free text search
  • Dynamic reporting and configurable dashboards
  • Alerts and reminders to track contract expiry, contract utilization and off contract spending.

iContract Authoring

Creating contracts made simple as iContract Authoring helps you with

  • Template library with wizard-driven contract authoring
  • Audit trail, version management and side by side contract comparison during negotiation
  • Clause library with pre-approved clauses for standardizing contract language

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Customer Success Stories

We will take a backseat here and let our customers tell you how we helped.

The customer service that Zycus has provided has been I would say higher than most than what they are used to; for me that was a big piece and will be a reason I would recommend Zycus going forward…

Rockwell Automation

Browse through the customer case studies

The processor driving procurement performance at AMD Leading American Biotechnology Company Multinational Pharmaceutical Giant focuses on data to overcome its procurement woes
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“Knowledge is true opinion.” - Plato

We do not believe in just selling procurement solutions but creating value through procurement.

Listen to or read on a wide range of procurement topics from our pool of research reports, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, webinars, newsletters and analysts reports.

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