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Brand Guidelines

Zycus logo

To download the Zycus logo, please click on the following links:


Correct Logo Usage

The logo should always be used in the form shown below. It should not be altered or used in any other way.

LOGO - Black Background

Logo for Black and White Printing

Logo for Premiums/Swag

Incorrect Usage

Do not distort


Do not change color


Do not overlay the logo on an image that is not associated with the Zycus branding


Do not change the typeface


Do not use pixelated or low resolution logo art


Do not surprint on a solid color or tint


Do not position the logo on a crowded background that is not associated with the Zycus branding


Minimum Sizes

The Zycus logo may never be used in a size any smaller than indicated below.

  • Without tagline
  • For Print - Min Size: 1/8 in height
  • Online - Min Size: 9 px height
  • With tagline
  • For Print - Min Size: 3/8in height
  • Online - Min Size: 27px height


  • Zycus’ branding typeface is Interstate OT.
  • Arial is the default font of choice when Interstate OT is not available

Color Palette

  • yellow

    CMYK: 0/15/100/0
    RGB: 255/205/0
    HEX: #FFCD00
    PMS: 116

  • yellow

    CMYK: 0/45/100/0
    RGB: 237/139/0
    HEX: #ED8B00
    PMS: 144

  • Blue

    CMYK: 100/0/0/0
    RGB: 0/159/223
    HEX: #009FDF
    PMS: Process Cyan

  • skyblue

    CMYK: 45/5/0/0
    RGB: 146/193/233
    HEX: #92C1E9
    PMS: 283

  • black

    CMYK: 0/0/0/100
    RGB: 0/0/0
    HEX: #000000
    PMS: Process Black

  • white

    CMYK: 0/0/0/0
    RGB: 255/255/255
    HEX: #ffffff
    PMS: White