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We don’t just build sophisticated procurement technology, we build dreams. At Zycus we strongly believe that our expertise is founded on the efforts of our employees, who we fondly refer to as “Zycats”.

Our Zycats are a bunch of talented, hard-working and fun-loving people. They love working with us as we offer an atmosphere of flat hierarchy, challenging assignments, and an opportunity to grow with the best in the field and be acknowledged with exciting rewards. And, of course, we have a lot of fun together, be it at the team outings, sports tournaments, painting competitions or festive celebrations.

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Life at Zycus

  • Life at Zycus Sports
  • Life at Zycus Awards
  • Life at Zycus Events

Ours is an organization with a multi-ethnic, open work culture, flexible working hours and no dress codes. Life at Zycus is full of events where, besides enjoying a healthy and challenging work environment, employees can also pursue their interest in areas of sports, culture and arts. Zycus Cultural Ensemble (ZCE), our cultural potpourri, is involved in organizing:

  • Annual gatherings
  • Quarterly picnics & outings
  • Traditional day celebrations
  • Sports events

Recognition and Rewards System

At Zycus, we ensure that all your contributions toward making the organization a better place and the efforts you put in the projects are duly recognized; we have:

  • Spot Rewards

    For excellent performance
    during a very short duration.

  • Monthly Goodies

    For commendable performance
    sustained over a few months.

  • Team Lunches and Parties

    For teams that meet crucial
    project milestones successfully





Training and Development

With an average training program of 80 hours per year per employee, we believe training to be an integral part of the development process of our employees.
We have a number of focused training programs conducted regularly, such as:

  • Technical training programs
  • Managerial development programs
  • Personality improvement sessions
  • On-the-job training programs
  • Leadership training programs

Performance Appraisal

We follow a 360-degree, fair and objective process of annual appraisal. With self, peer and supervisor reviews, the culture of reward for performance prevails.


Employee Testimonials

  • Saumya Mullerpattan Global Delivery

    Zycus has a buzzing atmosphere driven by new challenges and innovation. It has provided me exposure to almost all walks of the professional world ranging from external collaborations to internal stake holder management in the procurement solutions delivery journey. It is definitely the Place-to-be for anyone with a go-getter attitude. Extreme synergies of work and fun are often seen excelling in the office spaces here.

  • David Fernandes Product Development Team

    Zycus is one place where Skills and Talent is given more emphasis than the number of Experience you hold. I've been amazed by the opportunities to grow technically, Creatively and Personally at Zycus. When I joined, the culture was infectious and I immediately felt the pride and passion of my co-workers towards their work. As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to, how far you can reach in 'Zycus'

  • Rohitkumar Nair Marketing

    I began my stint with Zycus on February 14, 2011. Well, that is some day to start a relationship! :) I have had an excellent professional journey with her, a company that provides a strong & stable opportunity for growth. She has allowed me to work on challenging assignments making these 3 years the best learning years of my career so far. I have made many friends & bagged great memories over these years.