Stronger Relationships for Improved Working Capital

Buyers and Suppliers are the cornerstone of any business transaction and striving to improve working capital positions for both parties goes a long way in improving long term partnership between them to build a profitable business for both. Zycus’ Financial software offers innovative strategies for better capital management to impact revenue directly for both the buyers and suppliers and creates visibility with a single source of truth into the cash flow for better monitoring, control and planning.


Manage Cash Innovatively

Process efficiency creates working capital opportunities for both suppliers and buyers to create a balanced relationship based on cash management best practices.

Gain visibility into the cash flow as part of business purchasing transactions with cross functional technology integration and process automation.

Create and leverage dynamic discounting programs with preferred suppliers to extend DPO and shorten DSO to improve capital positions.

Realize cash in the form of cost savings through improved and automated PO-invoice management and better contract payment terms with suppliers.


Zycus for your ERP

Cross functional integrated technology ecosystem is the future. Zycus’ Financial software can integrate seamlessly with any ERP and functional modules like Supplier Information Management and Contract Management to provide a connected work stream engine to bring all business spend data at one place for better control, monitoring of purchase operations, planning and to make your business future ready with a connected, centralized technology eco-system.

Related Technology Solutions

Build an integrated platform engine working for your business.

AP Automation

Improve capital flow with lower invoice processing costs, minimum paper based transactions, heightened process efficiency and visibility into strategic saving opportunities on supplier payments.


Empower your business with "Guided Buying" - a Procure-to-Pay innovation that closes the compliance blind spots for off-catalog requisitions enabling both improved buying and process compliance.

Early Payment Discounts

Improve cash flow management and multiply savings by leveraging early payment discounts from preferred suppliers to pay the best price for procured goods and make the most out of contract payment terms.