Compliance is more than just a feature

Financial compliance is the foundation on which strong businesses are built. Finance teams needs visibility, robust auditability and sturdy control into spend flow to minimize business risk. Zycus’ Financial software gives the user a centralized view of connected strategic business processes in Procurement and Accounts Payable to help businesses adapt to changing conditions, improve process efficiency and grow over a solid financial compliance core.


3 Pillars of Financial Compliance

Disjoint technology and processes across procurement and accounts payable function puts businesses at risk.

Real-Time Spend Visibility

Real-time centralized spend visibility gives business the power to maintain control over business processes, identify risks in spend transactions and proactively minimize it to improve compliance and decrease frauds.

Audit Trails for Better Control

Connected technology and processes are a key to a good audit trail enabling all business spends to be monitored in one place, controlled and every transaction activity to be audited end-to-end automatically.

Approval Controlled Spend

Easy to configure, dynamic approval chains enable businesses to get every spend flow approved by the right authority before the transaction even takes place to strength compliance.

Zycus for your ERP

Cross functional integrated technology ecosystem is the future. Zycus’ Financial software can integrate seamlessly with any ERP and functional modules like Supplier Information Management and Contract Management to provide a connected work stream engine to bring all business spend data at one place for better control, monitoring of purchase operations, planning and to make your business future ready with a connected, centralized technology eco-system.


Related Technology Solutions

An end-to-end engine built over the foundation of financial compliance.


Empower your business with "Guided Buying" - a Procure-to-Pay innovation that closes the compliance blind spots for off-catalog requisitions enabling both improved buying and process compliance.

Supplier Management

Control regulatory compliance during supplier on-boarding, better identification of supplier-related risks and credible, complete supplier information in one place for better process management.

Contract Management

Enhance compliance in contracting processes across multiple legal and government regulatory systems to monitor and minimize market and contract expiry risk and improve continuity of important contracts.