Spend Visibility means Improved Savings

Cost reductions start with connected business processes, improved process efficiencies, reduction in manual documentation and real time data visibility. Connected business processes help in purchasing at the best price available and reducing maverick spends. Process efficiency saves overhead and operational costs. Data visibility helps in capturing savings opportunities from contract payment terms and early payment discounts from suppliers.


Cost Savings add up Profit

Every dollar amassed by identifying savings opportunities helps maximize profits.

See Cost Reduction Avenues

Gain visibility at one place into cost reduction opportunities in purchasing and settle processes by seamlessly integrating and automating procurement and invoicing work streams to save more per invoice.

Act on Savings Opportunities

Act on real time spend flow data to save per purchase by buying from preferred vendors, leveraging contract terms better and proactively capturing early payment opportunities with easy mobile access portal.

Realize Savings to Profits

Accumulate savings by sourcing and purchasing smarter, better and with more efficiency by uncovering new ways to realize dollar savings in every transaction and adding to your business’ bottom line.

Zycus for your ERP

Cross functional integrated technology ecosystem is the future. Zycus’ Financial software can integrate seamlessly with any ERP and functional modules like Supplier Information Management and Contract Management to provide a connected work stream engine to bring all business spend data at one place for better control, monitoring of purchase operations,planning and to make your business future ready with a connected, centralized technology eco-system.


Related Technology Solutions

Build an integrated platform engine working for your business.


Empower your business with "Guided Buying" - a Procure-to-Pay innovation that closes the compliance blind spots for off-catalog requisitions enabling both improved buying and process compliance.

Early Payment Discounts

Improve cash flow management and multiply savings by leveraging early payment discounts from preferred suppliers to pay the best price for procured goods and make the most out of contract payment terms.

Financial Savings Management

Maintain a single version of truth into forecasted and actual savings to align them better to your savings objectives and to map the impact of your savings on the bottom line.