Why Zycus Supplier Network

The idea behind Zycus Supplier Network is to provide your organization with a simple yet effective way to carry out business with your suppliers or buyers.

This cloud-based supplier portal helps your company

Stay connected with the supply base

With an on-the-move platform to manage various business data/information like regulatory documents, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, etc. and also assist during sourcing activities

Minimize manual efforts so you can focus more on value-add activities

For your suppliers, it helps them

Have paperless transactions with no added cost

Get visibility into payment status

Easily manage/update catalogs and maintain an online repository for all their documents

ZSN Key Features

Zero supplier fees

Single procurement window for all supplier transactions to view their data across different buyers who are using Zycus products

Improved mobility through Zycus Supplier App

Cloud based OCR - Optical Character Recognition

Integration with Zycus Source-to-Pay suite

Zycus Supplier Enablement Process

Supplier enablement is still one of the top three challenges for procurement professionals looking to automate procurement processes and drive bottom line savings.

Zycus understands the challenges which Supplier Enablement poses for buying organizations and works with the suppliers to ensure seamless integration with buying organization and maximum adoption of Procurement system.

Business Impact

Improves business collaboration
Reduces cycle time and cost to manage transactional activities
Frees up resources to focus on strategic procurement activities
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