Supplier Management Software – Business Need

What happens when your suppliers are not managed well?
  • You may end up losing your key suppliers, worse, to a competitor
  • You may be unable to evaluate supplier performance due to lack of visibility
  • You may end up spending more with non-compliant suppliers
  • You might have de-normalized supplier data due to inaccurate, incomplete and obsolete supplier records

With Zycus' robust Supplier Management software modules, iPerform and iSupplier, we assure you this will not happen. We help you measure supplier performance collaboratively and store everything related to all your suppliers in a single place.

How Zycus’ Supplier Management Software Can Help You?

We start by listening to your needs.

We then empower our supplier management software to help you meet your procurement objectives, so you have greater business impact through:

  • Strict control on regulatory compliance during supplier on-boarding process
  • Increased stakeholder participation, transparency and credibility in performance metrics and management processes
  • Reduced cycle time for supplier performance measurement
  • Better identification of supplier-related risks and informed decision making

Supplier Management Software – Features


It helps you measure supplier performance and develop suppliers, thereby, reducing supply chain risk by:

Setting performance benchmarks and evaluating suppliers against them

Using easy drag-and-drop capability to create highly customized surveys for various categories

Collaborating with suppliers by creating Development Programs which can be accessed by suppliers from the supplier portal

Pulling out intelligence reports, dashboards and other analytics for comprehensive view and quick analysis of Supplier performance facilitating decision-making and risk-avoidance

Raising a SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Request) against suppliers to address an issue, find corrective action as well as prevent similar issues in future


It helps you manage supplier on-boarding process and organize all the updated information related to suppliers in a single place by:

Checking for duplication and auto-normalizing the supplier data during supplier profile creation

Providing a self-service supplier portal for screening of potential suppliers

Ensuring that information is always updated by using document tracker, supplier alerts and audit trail, e.g. Insurance certificate, diversity certificate etc.

Automating approval workflows to implement data stewardship and security

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Yes, with Zycus' supplier management tool an audit trail is accessible for all the changes a supplier will make to their own profile and the submitted documents.
Zycus' supplier management tool assists in internal risk evaluations through active certification requirements and regular internal surveys, external risk evaluations through risk scores of suppliers from databases. Auto alerts are set for notification of expiry of existing certificates submitted by suppliers. Risk scores of all suppliers along with the contributing factors can be seen on a single dashboard and can be used to segregate suppliers into different strategy buckets.
Zycus’ supplier portal and supplier management tool help with vetting of the sort listed suppliers for risk, managing the on boarding process, collaborating with the suppliers to strengthen relationships, tracking performance and working on developing the performance.
  • Enhance visibility into supplier performance
  • Contribute to top and bottom-line revenue
  • Reduce cycle time for performance management
  • Increase compliance to SLAs by suppliers
  • Develop suppliers through dedicated improvement programs
  • Ensure efficient on-boarding process

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