eSourcing Software – Business Need

What happens if your sourcing events are not managed well?

  • Your business may miss out on the best suitable supplier.
  • Your overall productivity and business efficiency may suffer on account.
  • Your business may witness a plummet in cost savings.

With Zycus' robust strategic sourcing module, iSource™ ,you will not have to worry about these. Our eSourcing solution provides you with the ability to source both simple and complex categories with ease.

How Zycus' eSourcing Software can help you?

We then configure and empower our eSourcing software to meet your specific procurement objectives, so that you gain the power to influence business performance through:

  • Sourcing cycles that are shorter by 5 - 15%
  • Instant visibility into savings and event statistics
  • Decisions that are fact-and market-driven
  • Ability to handle large-scale sourcing projects with increased stakeholder participation
  • Ability to handle simple, tactical and instant sourcing projects

eSourcing Sourcing Software – Features


It helps you source better by providing:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for RFX creation
  • 'Flexi Price-Builder' to flip your pricing tables from Ms Excel into the module while drafting RFXs
  • Mapping & export support for non-price decision factors
  • Scalability for 10,000+ line items and 200+ suppliers in a single sourcing event
  • Multi configuration settings in eAuction – Bid Display, Tie Prevention & Minimum Bid Decrement
  • An in-built platform to identify key suppliers for negotiation and to register the savings achieved after every round of negotiation
  • Interactive what-if evaluation and automated supplier ranking
  • Approval workflow triggered for all events based on various business policies of an organization
  • Ability to flip the pricing & non-pricing information along with attachments from the sourcing event into a contract
  • Quick Source’ to create RFXs on a single page for simple and instant sourcing activities
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Zycus offers an easy-to-use eSourcing solution that facilitates sourcing automation, increases savings, and enables quick return on investment. It allows you to source both simple and complex categories effortlessly. With its advanced sourcing optimization features, it enhances the sourcing performance as it:
  • Reduces sourcing cycle time
  • Provides better visibility into Savings and control on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easies process to source simple and complex categories
  • Makes the supply chain agile with minimal risks
  • Improves collaboration and buy-in from users and quality controllers
  • Easy drag and drop RFx authoring
  • Comprehensive cost modeling
  • Ability to handle 10000+ line items per event
  • Collaborative scoring and approval workflows
  • Automated supplier ranking
  • Interactive 'what-if' evaluation
  • e-Auction with live monitoring
  • Comprehensive bid analysis with in-built bid optimization scenarios
  • Easy-to-use, single page RFx creation with Quick Source
  • Classic two-envelope bidding to avoid buyer-seller collusion and promote fair evaluation
  • Initiate contract creation during response analysis
Yes, multi-currency bidding is possible and supported by Zycus.
Complex sourcing events are a combination of a large number of suppliers/bidders, bids, bids on different parts of the total spend (bundled bids), tiered bids (volume discounts), specifications, business rules (scenarios or constraints), and locations to be served.
Zycus’ iLogix is an advanced sourcing optimization tool that helps conduct large-scale sourcing events. Apart from the easy creation of 60000+ lanes and collecting responses from over 250 suppliers in an event in real-time, it also offers various bid optimization scenarios and ‘what if?’ analysis.