Project management Software - Business Need

Challenges faced due to ineffective Project Management:
  • Inefficient Tracking - Inability to track and monitor the status, progress and key metrics of large projects
  • Insufficient Integration - Projects unable to be linked to other procurement tasks
  • Operational inefficiency - Incongruity of data stored at multiple locations
  • Lack of Compliance - Difficulty in maintaining and ensuring adherence of projects as per category rules
  • Unstructured Reporting - Poor reporting mechanism through excel or word based manual processes

The robust Zycus Project Management software, iManage delivers these capabilities and much more. We help you standardize, integrate, and automate all strategic procurement projects.

How Zycus' Project Management Software can help you?

We start by listening to your needs.

Then we configure and customize our Project Management software to meet your procurement organization’s specific objectives. You gain the power to influence business performance through:

  • Standardized processes by setting up project templates and preset tasks for each business unit
  • Consistent project execution and efficient process compliance
  • Increased real time visibility into resource constraints and progress tracking
  • Informative reporting through the ability to monitor and analyze actual versus estimated project timelines and costs
  • Leveraging and sharing of internal best practices across the organization to monitor project savings
  • Assurance that projects executed are always aligned to your company’s overall strategic objectives

Project Management Software – Features


It helps you simplify the management of procurement projects through:

  • Single platform for tracking procurement projects at phase and task levels
  • Category-specific sourcing project templates & highly configurable on-screen customizations
  • Web 2.0-powered project creation and support for both strategic and tactical project types
  • Project progress monitoring and bottleneck identification
  • Dynamic reporting, graphical views, and multidimensional analytics
  • Intuitive tracking of savings by stage and category
  • Roles-based support for reviewers and approvers of each phase
  • Seamless integration of iManage with Zycus Source-to-Pay suite
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