Touchless Invoice Processing Software

Zycus Touchless Invoice Processing software ensures fast document matching and workflow management capabilities to streamline invoice handling from receipt through payment. Automated settings ensure that the invoices are either matched or routed for approval per internal guidelines and then forwarded automatically for payment.


Zycus Invoice Processing Software Helps Procurement By:

Supporting easily configurable workflows to ensure compliance of any invoice.
Enabling most invoices to be automatically received, matched against POs and GRs, and processed with zero manual intervention.
Automatically routing invoices for rapid approval and accuracy validation per configured business rules; even non-PO invoices can be matched to existing contracts, closing compliance loopholes.
Intuitive dashboard for AP/Treasury/Suppliers to manage and track discount offers


Using Zycus Best-in-Class Invoice Processing Software, You Can:

Reduce invoicing errors by up to 39%
Minimize contract term leakage
Reduce FTE (Full Time Employee) and processing costs


Solve Common Invoice Processing Issues with Zycus Touchless Invoice Processing Solution:


Know our recipe for success

Receipe 1

Issue:Paper-based invoicesSolution:Using the free Zycus Supplier Network portal, suppliers can easily generate digital invoices while reducing their operating costs. This dramatically boosts percentages of invoices received electronically. Meanwhile, effective OCR ensures that even paper invoices received can be converted to digital at the click of a button.

Receipe 2

Issue:Decentralized invoice receipt and missing invoicesSolution:Say goodbye to lost invoices with a centralized platform for receiving, approving, and managing all invoices, irrespective of source or original format.

Receipe 3

Issue:Inefficient scan & captureSolution:With Zycus, PDF, imaged, or scanned paper invoices are stored in a single platform where they can be converted to company-specific e-invoice formats by automatically extracting metadata into relevant fields.

Key Features:

Drag and drop-based workflow for creating complex business rules
Flexible charts of accounts with all types of invoices and credit memos for accurate booking of costs
Full visibility into invoice statuses, including released, paid, confirmation, delivery, and so forth.
Tagging of invoice images when creating credit memos