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GenAI powered eSourcing Software

Your Strategic Sourcing Accelerator Powered by Generative AI
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Generative AI-powered eSourcing Software that simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes vendor management

Make smarter and faster sourcing decisions with intuitive eSourcing platform powered by AI functionalities
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89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

Our Marquee Clientele

The Unique Generative AI Advantage

Transforming the E-Sourcing Landscape

Generative AI is a game-changer. Traditional eSourcing solutions were often complex and time-consuming, hindering adoption. Zycus eSourcing breaks down these barriers with Generative AI, making it easier than ever to achieve higher adoption and productivity.

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in eSourcing Software


AI-Driven Vendor Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your vendor landscape with AI, ensuring informed and optimal sourcing decisions every single time


Real-Time Bid Management

Stay ahead of the curve with AI that manages, optimizes and analyzes bids in real-time, guaranteeing you secure the best value and minimize negotiation times

Seamlessly Integrated E Procurement

Effortless RFX Management

Create, manage, and evaluate RFXs with Generative AI. Our user-friendly interface is backed by powerful AI algorithms, streamlining the entire process

Revolutionize Your Sourcing Strategy with Zycus eSourcing

Simplified Sourcing

Simplified Sourcing

  • Leverage Generative AI for flexible event creation & scheduling
  • Streamlined processes for both routine and complex categories
  • Intuitive system that adapts to your unique sourcing requirements
  • Simplified Sourcing with Zycus eSourcing
Reduced Cycle Time

Reduced Cycle Time

  • Achieve 10-20% faster sourcing events with AI optimization
  • Quick sourcing capabilities for time-sensitive decisions
  • Enhanced efficiency without compromising on quality
  • Review & approve sourcing requisitions on MS Teams
Effortless eAuctioning

Effortless eAuctioning

  • Live bidding with AI analytics for immediate insights
  • In-depth analysis for comprehensive bid optimization
  • Effortless eAuction process, from setup to final decision
Agile RFX Management

Agile RFX Management

  • Drag & drop RFX creation with Generative AI for effortless assistance. Automatic bid evaluations & scoring with Generative AI
  • Achieve fast, error-free sourcing with high stakeholder approval
  • Advanced features for a comprehensive 360-degree sourcing perspective
High-Stakeholder Engagement

High-Stakeholder Engagement

  • Collaborative tools that increase participation and generate valuable insights
  • Intelligent automated workflows for improved online collaboration, sharing, reviewing, & reporting
  • Tailored to involve all relevant parties for consensus-driven results
  • Dynamic and responsive to real-time changes and feedback
Compliance and Control

Compliance and Control

  • Built-in compliance with corporate and legal standards
  • Generative AI ensures adherence to protocols for risk mitigation
  • Maintains high standards of governance and risk management

The Zycus Promise: An Intuitive User Interface within MS Teams

Simplify your eSourcing with a platform that’s as intuitive as it is powerful. Navigate with ease, backed by AI that guides you every step of the way.
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Gain a holistic view of your sourcing strategy with multi-dimensional analytics for complete visibility.
Stay ahead of regulations with AI that understands and applies compliance requirements.
Boost productivity with Generative AI that streamlines tasks and unveils opportunities for efficiency gains.


High-Tech Companies Raise the Stake for eSourcing
The Internal Customer Experience in P2P – According to The Hackett Group’s
User Adoption – The Fuel that Drives eSourcing Success

Success Stories

Australian Transport Organization Transformed its Procurement Process with Zycus
US-based Retail Giant Streamlines its Procurement Processes with Zycus’ S2C Suite
Energy Storage Firm Modernizes Procurement with Zycus’ S2C Suite


Zycus offers an easy-to-use eSourcing solution that facilitates sourcing automation, increases savings, and enables quick return on investment. It allows you to source both simple and complex categories effortlessly. With its advanced sourcing optimization features, it enhances the sourcing performance as it:

  • Reduces sourcing cycle time
  • Provides better visibility into Savings and control on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easies process to source simple and complex categories
  • Makes the supply chain agile with minimal risks
  • Improves collaboration and buy-in from users and quality controllers
  • Easy drag and drop RFx authoring
  • Comprehensive cost modeling
  • Ability to handle 10000+ line items per event
  • Collaborative scoring and approval workflows
  • Automated supplier ranking
  • Interactive ‘what-if’ evaluation
  • e-Auction with live monitoring
  • Comprehensive bid analysis with in-built bid optimization scenariosion with live monitoring
  • Easy-to-use, single page RFx creation with Quick Source
  • Classic two-envelope bidding to avoid buyer-seller collusion and promote fair evaluation
  • Initiate contract creation during response analysis
Yes, multi-currency bidding is possible and supported by Zycus.

Complex sourcing events are a combination of a large number of suppliers/bidders, bids, bids on different parts of the total spend (bundled bids), tiered bids (volume discounts), specifications, business rules (scenarios or constraints), and locations to be served.
Zycus’ iLogix is an advanced sourcing optimization tool that helps conduct large-scale sourcing events. Apart from the easy creation of 60000+ lanes and collecting responses from over 250 suppliers in an event in real-time, it also offers various bid optimization scenarios and ‘what if?’ analysis.

Zycus’ eSourcing platform enhances collaboration during the sourcing process by providing a centralized communication hub for all stakeholders. The platform enables real-time discussions, joint decision-making, and streamlined information sharing. It facilitates the collective development of sourcing strategies, RFx creation, and response evaluation, ensuring all parties are aligned and informed at every stage.
The eSourcing software from Zycus is versatile and can manage various sourcing events, including simple RFQs (Request for Quotations), complex RFPs (Request for Proposals), RFIs (Request for Information), and auctions. The platform’s flexibility allows for both traditional and advanced sourcing methodologies to suit different procurement needs.
Zycus eSourcing solution offers a suite of features for effective supplier communication and negotiation, such as automated messaging, structured negotiation rounds, and the ability to conduct eAuctions along with conversational AI via MS Teams for quick and easy communication. These tools encourage transparent and competitive supplier engagements, driving value and fostering healthy supplier relationships.
The Zycus eSourcing software aids in analyzing bids with advanced comparative analytics, scoring models, and what-if analysis features. This allows for an objective and comprehensive evaluation of supplier offers. The system supports informed decision-making to ensure contract awards align with organizational goals and deliver optimal results.
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