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GenAI-Powered Contract Management Software

Fast, Secure, Smart Contracting.
Zycus Contract Management Software makes any deal– new, renewal, or partnership– 10x faster and more efficient.
Fast, Secure, Smart Contracting. Zycus Contract Management Software with GenAI makes any deal – new, renewal, or partnership – 10x faster and more efficient

Now Author. Negotiate. Collaborate, 10X Faster & Better

Optimize the complete contracting journey, from quick & thorough initiation to swift & collaborative execution with Zycus Contract Management Software powered by GenAI
Gartner peer insights

89 end-user companies gave Zycus an overall 4.4 out of 5 in the Procure-To-Pay Suites category on Gartner Peer Insights as of Oct 2023.

Our Marquee Clientele

Reduce Contract Cycle Times and Save ~ $46.44 per document with GenAI Powered iContract

Reduce Contract Cycle and Save ~ $46.44 per document with GenAI Powered iContract

Generative AI powered contract management platform aims to reduce maverick spend, elevates the entire contracting experience while significantly shrinking cycle time & enhancing compliance

The POWER of GenAI Driven Contract Management Software

Contracts are the foundation of every business deal. They touch every department, from Legal, Finance to Operations, Compliance, Procurement, and Sales. GenAI integration aims to streamlines CLM, delivering strategic benefits across your organization


Contract Risk



More Savings
with Best-in-class CLM


Compliance & Regulatory Requirement

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Contract Cycle Times

Optimize Every Stage of your Contract’s Lifecycle with GenAI Powered Contract Management Solution

Unify your contracting process. Zycus iContract integrates seamlessly across the entire CLM lifecycle and beyond, empowering every team – from authoring and negotiation to execution and renewal. Manage any contract, at any stage, from anywhere
Contract Management


Intelligent and Effortless Authoring

Initiate and manage contract requests directly within your familiar MS Teams environment. Automatically generate Statements of Work (SOWs) from existing Master Service Agreements (MSAs) and pricing information
Never miss a critical clause again. GenAI powered clause suggestions recommend clauses based on contract type, industry standards, and best practices. Additionally, get centralized library of pre-approved templates and clauses
Tailor contracts to your specific needs. Easily add custom fields, clauses, and questions directly within the platform
Facilitate seamless collaboration during contract drafting and negotiation. Facilitate real-time co-authoring with internal & external stakeholders, ensuring all parties are aligned throughout the process
ROI: Zycus iContract empowers authors to create accurate, compliant contracts faster and more efficiently and ensure all contracts meet your specific requirements
Negotiate Faster, Negotiate Smarter


Negotiate Faster, Negotiate Smarter

Leverage GenAI-powered insights to inform your negotiation strategy. Gain valuable data on industry benchmarks, pricing trends, and common negotiation points for your specific contract type and supplier
Negotiate seamlessly with a familiar interface. Leverage the MS Word plugin for real-time redlining and collaborative editing
Gain a strategic edge at the negotiating table. Zycus utilize GenAI to deliver data-driven insights and recommendations for optimal negotiation terms
Adapt your review process to your needs. Zycus iContract supports both serial and parallel review capabilities. Ensure efficient collaboration and expedite consensus building
ROI: Negotiate like a pro, make informed decisions, and secure the best possible terms for your contracts


Seamless Collaboration for Faster Results

Enable efficient contract co-creation and review with parallel editing capabilities. All the users including suppliers, contractors, 3rd party vendors can work on the same document simultaneously accelerating TAT
Design custom workflows that route contracts to the right people at the right time. Get automated alerts and reminders ensuring timely approvals
Effortlessly suggest, insert, and remove clauses directly within the document. This intuitive functionality simplifies clause management and ensures all parties are working with the latest version
Quickly locate specific contract terms and conditions with clauses using a user-friendly & powerful text search
ROI: Zycus iContract fosters seamless collaboration throughout the contracting process, helping you to achieve faster approvals, and accelerate deal closure
Track and Renew


Efficient Contract Performance Tracking & Renewal

GenAI analyses contracts to highlight risky clauses and suggest actionable mitigation strategies. It additionally analyses contract workflows and identifies bottlenecks, delays, to accelerate contract completion
Gain valuable insights into contract performance with automated summaries. Get GenAI based recommendations for optimal renewal or termination decisions based on performance metrics
Automatically track obligation fulfilment and get timely alerts for any delays or missed deadlines
Never miss out on earned rebates. AI identifies potential rebates based on contract terms and automatically generates alerts when they become due for encashment
ROI: Zycus iContract empowers you to take full control of your contracts maximizing financial benefits and streamlining the entire contract lifecycle

The Zycus Edge in Services Procurement

merlin on teams
Tailor your services procurement with our granular control features and intelligent compliance monitoring
Leverage cutting-edge AI tools like Merlin Assist for predictive sourcing and spend intelligence
Transform data into actionable intelligence with our advanced analytics, driving informed strategic decisions for all your services procurement needs
A fully integrated suite that spans the entire services procurement lifecycle, designed to enhance your S2P strategy. Seamless Integration with ERP: Connect seamlessly with multiple underlying ERP systems for a unified procurement experience

Features that Set Zycus iContract Apart

Clause suggestions and risk identification
Identify potential risks and ensure contract language is up-to-date and effective
Automated data extraction
Extract key data points from contracts for faster analysis and reporting
Business term insights and industry benchmarks
Gain insights into industry trends and ensure your contracts are aligned with best practices
Obligation performance tracking and insights
Monitor contract performance and identify areas for improvement
Auto-renewal and bulk amendment creation
Simplify contract renewals and amendments with automated workflows
Supplier online editing and parallel edit
Facilitate seamless collaboration with suppliers for faster contract turnaround


Democratizing Source-to-Pay with Generative AI
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Success Stories

Procurement Software
Keysight Technologies Streamlines Contract Management with Zycus
Howden Supercharges Supplier Management & Contracting Processes With Zycus
Porsche Cars NA adds wheels to its procurement processes with Zycus solutions


Zycus iContract or Contract management software (CMS) is a digital solution designed to streamline and automate the creation, negotiation, execution, and management of business contracts. This contract management system helps organizations manage the entire contract lifecycle efficiently, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.
  • Efficiency: Contract management solutions automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual work and errors.
  • Compliance: Ensures contracts meet regulatory and company standards.
  • Risk Reduction: Identifies and mitigates potential risks with intelligent analysis.
  • Visibility: Provides a centralized repository for easy access and management of contracts.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces administrative costs and improves financial performance through better contract terms.
Intelligent contract management leverages AI to automate and enhance various aspects of the contract lifecycle, such as authoring, negotiation, and performance tracking. This contract management software leads to faster contract turnaround times, improved compliance, better risk management, and enhanced decision-making, ultimately driving business efficiency and growth.
  • Request: Initiating and gathering requirements for a new contract.
  • Authoring: Drafting and creating the contract document.
  • Negotiation: Discussing and finalizing the terms with involved parties.
  • Approval: Obtaining necessary approvals from stakeholders.
  • Execution: Signing the contract and making it legally binding.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitoring the fulfilment of contract obligations.
  • Renewal/Amendment: Updating or renewing the contract as needed.
Zycus iContract, a leading contract management platform, uses AI to enhance every step of the contract lifecycle:
  • Authoring: Automated clause suggestions and SOW generation streamline contract creation.
  • Negotiation: AI-driven insights facilitate smarter negotiations.
  • Collaboration: Parallel editing and integration with tools like Google Docs enhance collaboration.
  • Tracking & Renewal: Real-time performance tracking and automated renewal notifications ensure timely contract management.
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