Procuring Suppliers

Finding suppliers is one of the biggest challenges faced by procurement professionals. There are several key factors that determine the selection of suppliers. Some of the factors are Price or affordability, location, reliability as reliable suppliers will deliver required material efficiently and most importantly stability. The right suppliers provide the most appropriate products or/and services in order to meet the business needs.


eBOOK“The path to supplier management excellence” is an eBook. Solution: It explains the act of attaining suppliers using three steps- looking for suppliers, screening suppliers and finally selecting suppliers. Page 5, 6 and 7.
Research Report
Research Report“Putting the supplier at the heart of procurement thinking” is a research report authored by Peter Smith, Managing Director, Spend Matters (UK/Europe) and sponsored by Zycus. Solution: This describes the benefits of supplier management good practice and how it can be carried out in an organization. Step 3, page 6.
Whitepaper“5 steps for effective supply chain management” is a whitepaper. Solution: This paper talks about the stakeholders and different parameters that should be kept in mind while selecting a suppler. “Supplier selection” Page 6
Whitepaper“Make procurement smarter with social media” is a whitepaper. Solution: This paper talks about how social media is playing an active role in terms of collaborating and engaging with the suppliers. Identifying and managing suppliers, Page 5.
WEBINAR“Keep Friends Close, Suppliers Closer: SRM Moves Beyond Relationships to Supplier Risk Management” is a webinar conducted by Richard Waugh, VP, Corporate Development, Zycus and Gerard Smith, President, Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS). Solution: This solution talks about the key components of a world class supplier screening program. 40:30-43:00

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