Is Your Data Accurate?

Data is essential to the process of procurement and cannot be overlooked. Procurement professionals can play a more effective role in the organization once they acquire clean, accurate and detailed date. It provides a strategic outlook and helps reduce the complexities that can hamper the flow of work. It is a four way process comprising Data-Intelligence-Strategy-Outcomes.


Whitepaper“The evolution of spend analysis and rise of big data” is a whitepaper. Solution: This refers to segmenting big data, benefits of big data and its analysis, and leveraging spend analysis for big data. Page 4-6.
WEBINAR“The Data Revolution: How data is changing the procure-to-pay process” is a webinar presented by Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development, Zycus Inc. and Sean Park, Head of procurement and strategic sourcing, Acquis consulting group. Solution: This solution talks about data accuracy by auditing the data and getting it right the first time,13:08-16:00 and the initial steps that can be taken to improve the data, 18:38-20:00.

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