Getting Hold Of Big Data

Data has become an essential part of procurement and there is a constant want to collect and analyze it. The procurement industry is heavily focused on spend analytics and also on getting access to market intelligence on price, currency and commodities and more information on suppliers to help reduce risk. The idea is to collect all the data and have several analytical insights.


Whitepaper“The evolution of spend analysis and rise of big data” is a whitepaper. Solution: This refers to segmenting big data; benefits of big data and its analysis, and leveraging spend analysis for big data, page 4-6.
WEBINAR“The data revolution-How data is changing the procure-to-pay process is a webinar presented by Richard Waugh, VP Corporate Development, Zycus Inc. and Sean Park, Head of procurement and strategic sourcing, Acquis consulting group. Solution: This solution talks about improving the data by getting it right at the time of requisition and provides steps for the same. 18:38-20:00

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