Essential Source-to-Pay KPIs, Implementation Mindfulness & Benchmarking

When it comes to procurement KPIs we say: you can’t measure what you don’t manage with emphasis on the word "manage”. A random search of the term procurement KPIs, will see references to everything from 6 to 27 possible measurements. While there are certain multiple points of overlap, the reality is that the disparity creates a problem when it comes to identifying which KPIs require managing and which don’t – especially in a world where the traditional silos that divided finance, purchasing, and IT no longer exist.

In this whitepaper, you will:

  • Know about the different types of KPIs that will have the greatest impact in a global economy
  • Learn how to effectively manage the six KPI areas to ensure enterprise-wide adoption and understanding
  • Learn how to identify new or emerging KPI areas to ensure ongoing alignment with best practices

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