CFO-CPO Collaborate on Specialized Procurement as Postmodern ERP Strategy


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CFO-CPO Collaborate on Specialized Procurement as Postmodern ERP Strategy

Businesses need agility and innovation in their business capabilities to create a competitive edge in market. However, finding the right balance between integration needs and agility becomes a challenge. Procurement organizations which turn to specialized procurement solutions are bound to create some conflict between IT, Finance and Procurement. However, there is a need to look beyond ERPs and consider specialized Procurement Solutions for complex purchasing scenarios. The CPO should work together with CIO and CFO to build a business case for a Specialized Procurement solution as a part of their Postmodern ERP Strategy.

This article covers how a CPO can build a case for a CFO and CIO in an enterprise setting keeping everybody’s interest in mind.

Key Takeaway:

  • Building a Procure-to-Pay Business Case
  • Analyzing the business need for a Specialized Procurement and E-invoicing Solution
  • Evaluating Specialized P2P technology to add Agility, Compliance and Innovation to business

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