What Drives Automotive Procurement Transformation


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This white paper is crafted with a post-pandemic perspective, and also addresses the various supply chain fractures arising as a result of geopolitical conflicts.

The automotive industry's procurement is perhaps uniquely affected, considering just the sheer number of parts & line items that move through their expansive supply chains.

The paper looks at trends and the 'direction of travel' for the auto industry, the challenges that lie ahead, and how they can solve their supply and risk issues.

There's also an 'Under The Hood' section that explores in brief, the challenges some of the world's largest automakers dealt with, recently, putting into perspective how important it is to be among the first movers to adopt innovative, AI-led procurement solutions that offer agile, considered responses to procurement issues.

Read on, for

  • Changing Trends In The Automotives Industry : Shifting Gears
  • Procurement Challenges That Lie Ahead - Speed Breakers
  • What can Procurement Professionals Do To Solve These Challenges - The Highway To Success
  • Notable Automakers' Supply Chain Issues  - Under The Hood
  • Where Automotive Procurement Is Heading - The Road Ahead

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