Supplier Risk Survival Guide

21st November 2017
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Supplier Managers face a near-perfect storm of challenges – increasingly global supply chains with myriad complex regulations and lots of unknown but potentially catastrophic downside risks from supply chain disruption to cyber-attack or brand and reputational damage.

Multiply the challenges by thousands, if not tens of thousands of suppliers, and add in the fact that few Procurement teams are getting additional resources to cope with the increased scope of work, and you have the formula that begs for a more efficient approach to Supplier Risk Management.

This webinar will highlight the Best Practices of a Supplier Risk Management Survival Guide to help your organization:

  • Streamline Supplier Management processes to focus scarce resources on high-value tasks
  • Consolidate enterprise-wide risk criteria for a comprehensive view of supplier risk
  • Prioritize and segment suppliers for risk assessments
  • Validate supplier risk and continuously monitor compliance
  • Proactively and preemptively mitigate risk events before they occur


Richard WaughRichard Waugh,
VP, Corporate Development,
Zycus Inc.


Gerard SmithGerard Smith,
Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS)

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