Transforming Procurement, What Got You Here, Wont get You There - The secret to driving world class procurement performance


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Would you use a swiss army knife to chop vegetables? So, why use an ERP for procurement? Sure, an ERP will do the job—much like a swiss knife can chop vegetables—but it’s certainly not the right tool. You need to use the right tool for the job—an end-to-end source-to-pay solution.

This e-Book presents the most sought-after question and how digitization of procurement help create quantifiable savings and value for business. – Transforming Procurement, What Got You Here, Wont get You There- The secret to driving world class procurement performance. This ebook will explain why an ERP, with all its various advantages, is not the right solution for procurement and why a specialized source-to-pay solution is needed to transform procurement. It is guaranteed to help the all the innovators develop reality-based strategies for procurement transformation

Key Takeaway:

  • The current state of procurement
  • World class procurement performance benchmarks
  • Beyond ERP- Disadvantages of using an ERP for procurement
  • The need for a specialized suite- How a source-to-pay solution improves the procurement process
  • Technology stacks must haves for world class performance
  • Partnering with a best of breed solutions provider to achieve procurement excellence
  • Why Zycus is the ideal choice

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