Re-imagining Procure to Pay Process for 2022 & Beyond | eBook


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Today businesses are facing unprecedented levels of global competition, uncertainty, and increasing number of risks.

With more and more companies looking to revamp their procurement function's operating model, there's an increased need to consider various transformational strategies to integrate suppliers and customers, drive cost efficiencies, comply with regulatory norms, accelerate recovery and mitigate risk

The question is, how do procurement leaders and teams not only survive but excel in these changing times?

To know the answers, we caught up with leading procurement and finance leaders in an intriguing discussion and have summarized the key takeaways in this exclusive eBook

What’s inside this eBook?

  • Reasons why organizations still use manual or semi-automated procure-to-pay systems
  • ERP vs Procure-to-Pay system - when’s the right time to make the switch and what factors to keep in mind
  • ROI vs change management - which one’s the bigger hurdle to cross?
  • The role of AI in risk mitigation
  • Benefits of adopting a digital procure-to-pay solution in 2022 & beyond

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