Procurement Simplified - Real Problems Solved With Artificial Intelligence


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'AI in Procurement' is often treated with great skepticism & hesitation by most procurement practitioners. In the past, solution providers have had lofty goals for AI use cases, and have found it difficult to follow through on implementation. Internally, organizations also struggle with adoption & ease of use issues, and are hard-pressed to drive optimum usage to maximize ROI from an AI-led solution.

No more!

As changing CXO priorities drive organizations toward exploring new forms of realizing competitive advantage, technology, specifically AI, stands out as the clear candidate to spearhead such initiatives. Our newest eBook, Procurement Simplified, delves into the current scope of usage for AI in Procurement, lays out realistic use cases & backs up claims with real implementations & case studies.

McKinsey suggests that automating S2P operations can reduce spending by up to 3.5%. It's no wonder that over 60% of organizations with mature sourcing and procurement functions are investing in AI. When are you?

Here's what you can look forward to reading about, in the eBook - 

  • The evolution of 'ProcureTech' 
  • The state of AI in procurement
  • 'CXO Priorities for 2023 & Beyond'; and how AI can help achieve them
  • Challenges CPOs face while implementing AI-led solutions
  • A glimpse into the facets that make up Cognitive Procurement
  • How Real S2P problems can be solved using Artificial Intelligence.


About Zycus:

The future is now with S2P software from Zycus! Our cutting edge, AI driven platform helps procurement professionals make smart decisions faster. With a seamless user experience that's easy for everyone in the company to use - even non-procurement employees--you'll be able take advantage of these benefits without sacrificing your time or agility as an enterprise grows exponentially more complex each day


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