Counterintuitive strategies to navigate the recession


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Recessions are inevitable, and while most recessions don't last over three quarters, navigating the same can be quite treacherous for companies. Drastic steps like extreme cost-cutting & layoffs, or overinvestments tend to backfire. Procurement, operations, and finance need to work synergistically to improve operational efficiencies and productivity for the long term.

Zycus’ RRR framework - Review, Reinvest, and Redefine - enables companies to evaluate their cost structure, prioritize investments that dynamize productivity & generate insights, and facilitate a modern work environment, as a three-pronged response to a recession

The “opportunities in adversity” section includes additional counterintuitive strategies outside the core procurement and finance functions which CPOs and CFOs can support given their expanded strategic roles within their organizations.

This eBook also showcases how 2 global organizations thrived during the pandemic-led recession and managed to create & retain their competitive advantage!

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