4 Key Procurement Objectives for 2014


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During the recent Webinar 'Real-time Procurement Benchmarking: Insights into Key Issues & KPIs for 2014 & beyond', held in December 2013, in association with ISM, The Hackett Group and Zycus, a small survey was conducted among the 861 procurement professionals who attended the webinar. This survey was aimed at understanding the business/procurement objectives and challenges anticipated by the webinar attendees in the year 2014. The survey results can be seen in this info-graphic: Driving Down the Procurement 2014 Lane. Some of these challenges can be addressed by implementation of certain best practices, efficient processes, qualified people and effective automation tools.

Read the Whitepaper to get an insight into the objectives, issues and challenges anticipated by Procurement Professionals for the year 2014 and some possible solutions to address the same…

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