Pulse of Procurement Report 2012 Australia & New Zealand


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Zycus Pulse of Procurement 2012 is a follow-up to its 2011 study, which sought to establish procurement performance and technology enablement benchmarks for various global regions and identified performance improvement obstacles such as poor information quality and underwhelming enterprise support for strategic sourcing and spend management. The 2012 study relooks at some of the benchmarks to see if and how they are moving. It also examines a variety of critical procurement processes - spend analysis, sourcing, contracting, supplier management and procurement performance management - to gauge how procurement pros see their organizations performing on a variety of parameters such as speed, efficiency, effectiveness, consistency and strategic rigor. The study was conducted online and promoted through multiple emails and social media channels to a global audience of procurement professionals who self-qualified as being actively working in the procurement function. Participants were offered incentives of receiving a detailed study report and having their names entered into a drawing for one of three Kindle Fire HD tablets. Additional details about who participated can be found on pages 29-30 of this report. A few highlights:'

  • There has been no discernable change in the already-high proportion of Australia and New Zealand companies attempting to drive business performance improvement through their procurement and sourcing functions.
  • Investment and/or interest in investing in technology enablement for procurement has risen substantially over the past year in Australia and New Zealand; there has also been a shift in the technology mix with spend analysis and supplier information management solutions rising rapidly.
  • On balance, Australia and New Zealand companies intend to bank cost savings in the coming year totaling some 9% of total spending; that is slightly below the global benchmark of 11%.
  • There appears to be a slight downturn in spend under management (SUM) among Australia and New Zealand companies between the 2011 and 2012 studies; while it is too soon to call this a trend, the backslide is worrisome as it could signify rising difficulties with compliance and/or enterprise pushback against procurement’s expansion of control and influence over corporate spending.

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