The Cost of Delaying System Upgrades (Complimentary Webinar)

21st October 2017
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Purchasing has changed faster in the last 5 years than it has over the past 100 years. Megatrends point to increasing change via digital disruption; futurists predict we are moving to connected, linked, integrated supply networks.This will have a profound impact on all suppliers in the supply chain as they rely on real-time data transfer to communicate demand, inventories, changes, and accounting transaction automatically.

While the integrated, connected supply chain is just now forming, the reality is that many firms are not automated, lack the ability to transfer data and in some cases the Procure to Pay process is still manual and inefficient. While procurement professionals can see the inadequacies of their current systems, they are unable to influence the organization to invest since many organizations still adhere to old models for ROI payback in systems based on headcount and other hard costs.

View this webinar to get a deeper insight into

  • Help organizations and purchasing practitioners understand the strategic imperative for change
  • Benefits of implementing both, a world class procurement system alongside implementing an ERP with a minimum of resources
  • Detail the positives and negatives for delaying implication of a world class procurement

Featured Speaker:

Bill MichelsBill Michels,
CEO at Aripart Consulting

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