Michele Wesseling

Associate VP Technology Vendor Management, TD Bank

Rajeev Karmacharya

Head of Strategic Sourcing, Fannie Mae



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Fulfilling the strategic potential of Procurement to transform organizational performance will require developing and deploying key traits that tap into the talent and technologies that will propel Procurement forward.

In this On-Demand webinar, hosted by SIG, you can hear from Rajeev Karmacharya, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Category Management at Fannie Mae, Michele Wesseling, Associate Vice President, Platforms & Technology Vendor Management at  TD Bank and Richard Waugh, VP of Corporate Development at Zycus, on how Procurement & Sourcing professionals can emulate these Superheroes to drive breakthrough performance and superior results in 2022 and beyond:

  • Iron Man - mastering emerging technologies to weaponize A.I. for the greater good
  • Black Panther - exhibiting speed, stamina, and agility to adapt to changing market dynamics and user expectations
  • Captain America - exercising strategic thinking and leadership skills to assume the role as trusted advisor to the business
  • Black Widow - utilizing deep analytic insights to surveil and supersede potential supply risks and opportunities
  • Thor - wielding the hammer of leverage and data to negotiate and optimize the best total value contracts and strategic supply relationships
  • Hulk - demonstrating the stamina and durability to harden business process transformation and scale efficiencies globally

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