Nitish Chawla

Principal Solutions Consultant, Zycus



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Look under the hood: How to get Spend visibility and Unlock Savings Potential in your Procurement Process.

Why do you need it now?

If the on-going pandemic has taught us anything, it’s a lesson in meticulous preparation with caution. Procurement teams world over, are taking on a mammoth task of risk mitigation, looking at where they spent to be able to develop an effective sourcing strategy.

What is in it for you :

  • You often have no visibility into your business spend – know why most organizations suffer from this issue and what you can do about it.
  • Your spend data may be inaccurately classified – learn how tackle this problem
  • The maverick spending may increase – manage maverick spend
  • Your organization may suffer on account of cost savings erosion – discover potential savings in your cycle


  • Key business challenges when it comes to spend analysis
  • Solution oriented approach to master spend analysis

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