P2P Pit Stop: Benchmark and Tune-up P2P Performance


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In this exclusive On-Demand Webinar, watch Kate Dennisova (Sr. Director, Procurement Advisory) and Elizabeth Zucker (Director, Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Advisory) from The Hackett Group join Josh Patterson (Manager, Procure-to-Pay) at Curtiss-Wright and  Richard Waugh  (VP, Corporate Development, Zycus) share a blueprint on the fundamental P2P benchmarking best practices for 2023 as they examine and recommend actions for the following:

  • Which “Top 10” P2P Metrics should be on your dashboard – what they mean and how they are measured
  • What are the P2P data sources, how are they effectively digitized and cleansed to ensure peak performance
  • Identifying, implementing, and integrating optimal buying channels and workflows
  • Maximizing analytic insights from P2P data outputs
  • Focus on end-user experience to build your fan base across the Enterprise
  • Recalibrate your plan for the next leg of the P2P race depending on your current position and how   AI automation can help you lap in the field


Elizabeth Zucker
Elizabeth Zucker
Senior Director,
Procurement Advisory, The Hackett Group
Kate Denissova
Kate Denissova
Procurement and Purchase to Pay Advisory, The Hackett Group
Richard Waugh
Richard Waugh
Corporate Development, Zycus
Josh Patterson
Josh Patterson
Procure-to-Pay Manager,
Curtiss-Wright Corporation

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