An Invoice Management Solution

Zycus eInvoicing Software enables easy and economic invoice management. Its AI capabilities automate the receiving and invoice-matching process by ensuring fast, error-free, and paperless invoice process with global compliance.

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An Intelligent Procurement Platform

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Invoice Receipt Management

Invoice Receipt Management

Increase invoice accuracy by getting alerts, configuring a summary of pending requests, and capturing invoices and advanced shipment notifications received from multiple sources on a central platform.

Faster Invoice Matching & Approval

Faster Invoice Matching & Approval

Streamline invoice handling and ensure the invoices are matched and routed for approval according to your internal guidelines and automatically forwarded for payment with the power of AI.

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Touchless Invoice Processing

Touchless Invoice Processing

Get simple uploading and fast extraction of key information from both PO and non-PO invoices, sort the incoming supplier emails and get suggested responses using AI-powered Zycus’ eInvoicing solution.

Payments and Discounting

Payments and Discounting

Move beyond day-to-day efficiency to better cash management, and improved working capital management and supplier relationships with Zycus’ payments and discounting capability.

High Portal-based eInvoice Generation

High Portal-based eInvoice Generation

Suppliers can easily flip POs into invoices or generate Non-PO invoices in preferred formats, by using Zycus Supplier Network.

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Global Compliance eInvoicing

Global Compliance eInvoicing

Ensure invoices are in compliance with both industry and regulatory standards by using intelligent Zycus eInvoicing software.

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Worlds Leading eInvoicing Software Solutions Features

  • Multi-criteria based Configurable Workflows.
  • Complimentary but comprehensive Supplier Portal.
  • Intelligent data conversion with Cloud OCR.
  • Efficient invoice coding with Parallel Approvals.
  • Supplier-side Automation with Supplier Enablement.
  • Geography-specific invoicing for Global Compliance Management.

Zycus eInvoicing software is at its most powerful when integrated with ERP.
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Gartner report 2021

Zycus Advantage

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Gather strategic insights on spending and generate savings by using built-in reports, analytics, and early payment discount programs.

Mobile-Powered Invoicing

Mobile-Powered Invoicing

Ensure every stakeholder has 24*7 access to invoices by making use of Zycus Buyer and Supplier mobile apps.

Flexible Workflow Management

Flexible Workflow Management

Ensure rapid invoice processing by utilizing Zycus’ robust and configurable workflows.

Make your eInvoicing Better with Zycus’ Merlin AI Suite

With the power of AI, now you can:

Automate invoice intake from invoice uploads folder.

Intelligently extract key business fields including header and line level data.

Create auto-draft in the system.

Sort and classify emails in AP mailbox using AI based intent recognition.

Auto-fetch status of the invoices.

Auto-generate responses to supplier emails on payment and invoice queries.

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Get a Customized Experience with Merlin Experience Center

Leading Analysts Testify


The Forrester Wave™: CLM for Buy-Side Contract Suite, Q4 2021

Zycus cited as a ‘Leader’ in The Forrester Wave™: Contract Lifecycle Management for Buy-Side Contract Suite, Q4 2021.


Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Procure to Pay Suites 2021

Zycus significantly moves ahead for 3 consecutive years on the 'completeness of vision' and 'ability to execute' axes in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites, 2021


The Forrester Wave™: eProcurement Platforms, Q4 2019

Zycus cited as a ‘Strong Performer’ in the Forrester Wave™: eProcurement Platforms, Q4 2019



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Merlin for eProcurement

Zycus’ Merlin for eProcurement makes the existing buying process streamlined and quick with a plethora of supplier choices. It strengthens supplier relations, mitigates risks, empowers strategic initiatives such as new product development, thus supporting sustainable growth...

Merlin for eProcurement offers two unique AI-enabled products

Buyer Smart Desk

Buyer Smart Desk

Our product helps with the data-driven actionable insights that empower you to make fast and intelligent business decisions. It cuts down requisition to PO cycle time as it automatically processes all the non-catalog requisition to PO.
Buyer Smart Desk

Autonomous Quick Source

Reduces the time in selecting the suitable suppliers, thus, freeing up your bandwidth from the tactical PO process and making the entire process simulate a B2C type user experience.

Key Metrics

Reduction in PR


Reduction in
PR to PO cycle time
Increase in touchless PO transactions


PO transactions
Liberation in buyer time from tactical PO process


Liberation in buyer
time from tactical PO process
Decrease in PO processing cost


Decrease in
PO processing cost




Cognitive Procurement is the holistic application of Artificial Intelligence across the Source to Pay cycle and combines Autonomous procurement, Actionable predictive intelligence, and Conversational AI and drives significant value to your procurement function:

Autonomous Procurement – Zycus’ Merlin AI suite takes over the tactical tasks and empowers procurement and AP officers to focus on strategic projects

Actionable AI - Offers data-driven actionable insights for quicker and smarter decisions

Interactive AI - Assists you at every step to give you a seamless and intuitive user experience, identical to what you are used to in your personal lives!

Cognitive Procurement, our new identity is our brand promise to our clients, partners & stakeholders, and a purpose for the Zycus family.

Join us on our journey as we leap into the future of procurement transformation!

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Managing global compliance is difficult and demanding. Now, you can ensure hassle-free compliance and tax regulations with Zycus Global Compliance Solution

Content Compliance

Be country-specific compliant by configuring customized flexi-forms

With Zycus, you can maintain content compliance across all the countries with ease by using pre-defined templates and configuring country-specific forms as per your requirements.
Tax Compliance

Secure your business and save money by paying right taxes

With Zycus, you can now expand your business more strategically, as you can validate and make sure correct taxes are charged on every invoice.
eInvoice Compliance

Save time by streamlining the invoice process, facilitating invoice storage, and archiving obsolete invoices

With Zycus, enjoy stress-free tax audits, as you can maintain the authenticity and integrity of e-invoices across all the countries and can generate, validate, store, and archive invoices.


  • Easy onboarding and collaboration with all your suppliers via the Zycus supply network
  • Mitigate risk associated with eInvoice compliance
  • Validate the invoice content and tax values
  • Archive and digital signature support
Business Impact
  • Fulfill the requirements of all your business unit spread across the globe by delivering legally compliant invoices
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency by automating the process
  • Reduce processing cost and time
  • Smooth functioning of business and improved cash flows





Zycus Insight Studio

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Procurement Data

Accelerate Reporting Process

Accelerate Reporting Process

Reduce Data Inconsistency

Reduce Data Inconsistency

Simplify Report Creation

Simplify Report Creation

Create Powerful Dashboards and Charts

Create Powerful Dashboards and Charts


Key Features

Zycus Insight Studio provides cross product reporting and visualization across all modules within the Source-to-Pay suite


Cross Product Reporting

Enhanced reporting capabilities backed by seamless data flow across modules

Inclusion of Calculated Fields

Ability to create and report on calculated fields as per business requirements

Reporting on Custom Fields

Creation and reporting on all fields, including organization specific custom fields

Real Time Data Refresh

Real time visibility on a centralized platform leading to faster Turn Around Time (TAT) on reporting

Report Scheduling

Scheduling auto-runs at periodic intervals for client specific reports

Unified Dashboard and Chart View

Streamline and centralize data for greater level of insight and business intelligence