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Keep Friends Close, Suppliers Closer - SRM Moves Beyond Relationships to Risk

“Keep Friends Close, Suppliers Closer: SRM Moves Beyond Relationships to Supplier Risk Management” is a webinar conducted by Richard Waugh, VP, Corporate Development, Zycus and Gerard Smith, President, Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS).

Many Supply Management organizations have capitalized on trends such as outsourcing and globalization to optimize supply chain costs and drive profitability by sourcing from the best value suppliers across the globe. However, many are now also realizing that their increasingly global and complex supply chains have the potential to dramatically increase their exposure to risk – risk due to potential supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance, data privacy, or even their very brand identity and reputation.

This webinar will focus on the best practices that market-leading organizations are implementing now, as they move into the new SRM – Supplier Risk Management.

The key learning areas of the webinar will focus on:

Defining Supplier Risk for Procurement and Establishing a Risk Management Program
On-Boarding Right the First Time – Preventative Risk Management
Segmenting and Prioritizing Suppliers – Screening for Risk
Performing Supplier Risk Assessments – and Taking Action
Measuring Value – What are the Key Metrics and ROI Drivers?
Proactively Monitoring and Mitigating Potential Risks

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