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Client Testimonials

Our clients can vouch for our products. Some of them have done so in their testimonials for us.
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Broadridge Selects Zycus' GenAI based Source to Pay Suite zycus

Frederic Khalil

CPO & Head of Global Real Estate, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Frederic Khalil has detailed Broadridge’s journey in selecting the right partner for their source-to-pay transformation. They sought a solution to enhance process efficiency, control, and user experience while optimizing value. After an extensive evaluation, Broadridge chose Zycus for its robust AI capabilities and proven commitment to their success, marking a significant step in their business transformation.

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Heineken Leverages Zycus' GenAI Source-to-Pay Platform along with iSaaS Solution for Data Driven Decision Making zycus

Rafael Ribeiro Goncalves

Senior Technology Specialist, The HEINEKEN Company

Rafael Ribeiro Goncalves, the platform owner for Zycus within Heineken, emphasized the strong partnership and collaboration with Zycus since 2018. He highlighted Heineken’s active involvement in testing and providing feedback for Merlin, which is now being implemented, and the significant value seen in data-driven discussions enabled by GenAI. Rafael also noted that Zycus’ solutions have reduced the need for in-house developments by leveraging automated connections and support from the iSaaS team.

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Dow Implements Zycus' Merlin AI Solution for Enhancing its Procurement Efficiency zycus

Ryan Holzinger

Sourcing Work Process & Automation Business Process Director, Dow Chemical

Ryan Holzinger discussed Dow’s recent implementation of Merlin and its benefits in enhancing procurement processes and efficiency. He highlighted how Merlin automates contract management and streamlines other processes, allowing the sourcing team to focus on strategic activities. Ryan also shared his excitement about the potential of GenAI solutions and the insights gained from the Horizon event, which he plans to explore further upon returning to Dow.

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IDC Recognizes the Potential of Zycus' AI Solutions zycus

Patrick Reymann

Research Director for Procurement and Enterprise Applications, IDC

Patrick Reymann commended Zycus for their compelling vision and integration of generative AI, particularly the Merlin Assist and Microsoft Teams integration. He emphasized the exciting potential of Zycus’ AI-driven offerings and their ability to propel the procurement space forward, noting that Zycus is well-positioned to become a prominent player in the industry. Patrick also appreciated the event’s organization and the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Zycus’ capabilities.

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Sirva Achieves Sourcing Efficiency through Zycus' GenAI based Procurement Solutions zycus

John O’Connell

Executive Vice President, Global Account Management and Supply Chain, Sirva Inc

John O’Connell shared that Sirva has cut their sourcing cycle time by 50% and reduced the hours required for sourcing events by 70%. He highlighted significant cost savings, improved contract management, and enhanced supplier management, particularly in areas like risk management and ESG reporting. John expressed excitement about the potential of Zycus’ GenAI solutions, especially the supplier health functionality and auto scoring enhancements in the sourcing module, which he believes will be game changers for Sirva.

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The Hackett Group Explores Zycus' Generative AI Technology zycus

Chris Sawchuk

Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group, Inc

Chris Sawchuk appreciated the opportunity to see Zycus’ generative AI technologies in action, particularly the Merlin AI solution. He noted the value of learning how organizations are using these technologies and the potential for a better user experience in procurement. Chris emphasized that the exploration of AI in procurement is still in its early stages, but he believes that as organizations continue to explore and learn, the impact and utilization of this technology will grow significantly.

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Kishore Pejavara

Head - Supply Chain Center of Excellence, Delta Air Lines

Kishore Pejavara emphasized the importance of Zycus in helping Delta Air Lines achieve a unified procurement process, highlighting the critical role of their control tower ecosystem. He noted the significant business benefits, including enhanced project management and real-time insights across the organization. Kishore also expressed excitement about Zycus’ GenAI solutions, particularly their potential to transform spend analytics and procurement processes, envisioning a ‘super employee’ through AI integration.

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Regeneron Highlights Zycus' Quick Turnaround Time on Customization & Change Requests on its GenAI based Source-to-Pay Platform zycus

Anita Montano

Senior Manager, Sourcing COE – Data & Analytics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Anita Montano praised Zycus for providing a single platform for team collaboration and for their excellent support in customizing solutions to meet Regeneron’s needs. She highlighted the quick turnaround on change requests and expressed excitement about the potential of Zycus’ GenAI solutions, which Regeneron is looking forward to implementing.

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Delta Niteen zycus

Niteen Suresh

Managing Director - Supply Chain Management, Delta Air Lines

Niteen Suresh highlighted Zycus’ commitment to collaboration, emphasizing their willingness to listen and adapt their product to fit Delta Air Lines’ needs. He reported significant business benefits, such as increasing supply chain ROI from 3X to 12X post-transformation, with Zycus playing a pivotal role. Additionally, he expressed confidence in the future of Zycus’ GenAI platform, expecting it to significantly enhance Delta’s procurement services over the next two to three years.

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deacero ivan testimonials zycus

Ivan Martinez Edgar

VP Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, Grupo DEACERO

Ivan Martinez highlighted Zycus’ intuitive user interface and robust collaboration tools, including GenAI applications, as key features that impressed him. He reported significant business benefits, such as integrating Deacero’s spend into a single source of truth and recognizing financial savings using the iSave module. Additionally, he expressed confidence that Zycus’ GenAI platform will enhance efficiencies and maintain proactiveness in cost-saving opportunities, keeping up with business dynamics.

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Belinda West zycus

Belinda West

Head of Non Trade Procurement, Woolworths

There were a lot of competing deadlines, but Zycus was open to engage regarding the challenges we experienced and responsive towards developing a solution. The team at Zycus displays a collaborative and solutions-oriented approach.

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nippon-testimonial-thumb zycus

Gabriel Kiewek

Chief Operating Officer, Nippon Gases Europe

The process with Zycus has been very good, very strong. The process that has improved the most with Zycus’ digitization has been our true visibility on spend on a one-click basis. Something that used to take us weeks is now done in 2 seconds.

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