Tony Hall

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), University of Missouri

The glue that holds an organization together is our operations team. This is where Zycus comes into the picture.

MaryEllen Moore

Sr. Global Sourcing Analyst, Tennant Company

Zycus team really helped us put together a metric that is much easier to run, gives us the same visibility and for my time or involvement in it that its reduced by 70% so that’s been a big win.

Paul Flamend

Global Manager, Value Engineering Group, FEI Company

Our primary objective for Zycus iSource is that our people get to spend more time focusing on strategic things. We have found Zycus to be flexible in helping us to manage around [our constraints] and also highly knowledgeable in guiding us through important decisions.

John Habisreitinger Jr.

Vice President of Procurement & Logistics, Noranda

We were impressed by the combination of speed, accuracy and potential of the Zycus product.

Christian Merizalde (2013)

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Senior Analyst, The Mosiac Company

What I like about Zycus is that it has a procurement centric solution that is fast, flexible and very friendly.

Rick Van Dyke

V.P. of Procurement, M.C. Dean, Inc.

Zycus was there when we needed them and have been very responsive to our queries and requirements.

Robert Van Motman

Director of Procurement, Draka Holdings

Draka was very impressed with Zycus’ flexibility and their responsiveness was a key factor in our selection. Zycus is helping us achieve our key goals of managing categories on the global level more effectively and running successful sourcing events. We also expect process improvements through the automation and standardized view of spend analysis across the enterprise.

Peter Buettgen

Managing Director, Bearing Point

Bearing Point has chosen to work with Zycus, amongst other tools, to allow us to be effective in meeting client specific demands. Each client situation and objective will be different and therefore it is important to us to be able to be flexible to meet different needs. Zycus has a tool which is very flexible and a committed staff to help meet various client needs.

Thierry Bellicaud

European Co-packing and Packaging Manager, BIC Europe

Our aim is to accelerate ROI and reduce the sourcing cycle time significantly through the automation of our sourcing programs. Zycus Strategic Sourcing was an obvious choice as it is robust and easy to use. We really like the Web 2.0 technology with its drag-and-drop based RFQ creation, “what if” analysis, scoring of responses and flexible bid analysis functionality.

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