Paul Flamend

Global Manager Value Engineering Group, FEI Company

We were very attracted to the idea of having an automated process to centralize and classify our spending data. With Zycus, we hope to have systematic and easy means for, prioritizing our spend-management opportunities and for converting opportunities to cost savings through competitive sourcing.

Rick Van Dyke (2011)

V.P of Procurement, M.C. Dean

We are planning to issue a large number of RFPs to suppliers around the country. The process of distributing, following, collecting, sorting, and analyzing RFP responses is very tedious, so we were looking for a simple and efficient way to issue RFPs, collect, and analyze suppliers’ responses.” With the time for contract renegotiations fast approaching, M.C. Dean needed to get the right eSourcing tool up and running in the shortest possible time frame. Zycus was there when we needed them and have been very responsive to our queries and requirements. Their Solution has most of the functions we were looking for, including an easy way to compare suppliers’ responses to our RFPs and an ability to add eAuctions. We are quite hopeful the ability to issue, receive, and analyze RFPs electronically will save us significant time and paper.

John Habisreitinger, Jr.

Vice President of Procurement & Logistics

With the full ownership of the Louisiana and Jamaica operations, our spend volume and complexity increased dramatically. We suddenly had an opportunity to more fully leverage and manage spend categories across a larger portfolio; however, we required an efficient and effective consolidation of data from multiple systems. We were impressed by the combination of speed, accuracy and potential of the Zycus product. Zycus provides an automated spend management tool capable of consolidating and classifying data from multiple systems into a customizable taxonomy. Further, we felt that Zycus offered the most efficient and effective implementation plan, coupled with an intuitive web-based analysis tool that could be more quickly adopted and utilized by our procurement and logistics teams across the business.

Tom McLaughlin

Commodity Manager, Indirect Sourcing, Tennant Company

Our strategic procurement team depends on an ability to analyze our spending in ways that could give us more systematic, accurate, detailed and frequent views especially into our indirect spending categories. We were particularly impressed with the way Zycus was able to take a month's worth of our actual spending data, process it quickly and present us with a solid business case that also confirmed our hunches about where the greatest improvement opportunities would be. We are quite pleased with both the accuracy of our spend data and the ease of training our personnel and obtaining user adoption for the iAnalyze tool.

Tina Trueba

Executive Director, Global Strategic Sourcing and Financial Operations, Celgene Corporation

From a process excellence perspective, Zycus the tools - as we sit with the other procurement organizations - they love what the tool offers, it makes their jobs a lot easier and what it's enabling us to do is really see the total spend in a decentralized model but using centralized reporting, savings analytics, as well as the same tools to do RFPs and quarterly business reviews to manage our suppliers.

Mary Kachinsky (2013)

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

The tools are really easy to use. So the training is not complicated. And once you get into the tool, you are able to use it pretty easily. Its drop down menus and easy utilization.

S. Muthukumar

Corporate Planning, Voltas

We have identified a number of immediate strategic sourcing opportunities and will take advantage of the Zycus team's expertise, experience and access to global supply-market intelligence to structure and manage those events.

Alex Brown

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

We have been able to prove out over the two year period of time that both from a flexibility standpoint and a service standpoint, Zycus stands out, head over heels of anyone else and all of the other vendors that we spoke to during the sourcing process.

Steve Mack

Director, Procurement Services, University of Missouri

Zycus has an attitude of support and help. They really care about trying to help you to use that tool effectively.

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