Jerome Schieb

Information Systems and Process Manager, Global Procurement, Actelion

We were impressed with the collaboration and rapid flow of information amongst the Zycus team members and with their ability to enable our procurement team to undertake hands-on testing of P2P and other solutions, which is something other competitors were unable to offer. In addition, Zycus demonstrated a willingness to incorporate our evolving requirements into its solutions development and enhancement roadmap. Zycus shows us that they have the most advanced solutions with the best people to support our implementation.

Ron Malin

Director of Sourcing, Sensus

As a company whose own products leverage the power of big data, we see enormous potential in having up-to-date, highly granular visibility into our spending worldwide. We chose Zycus for its deep domain expertise with spend classification, ease of use in its solutions and ability to accommodate our spending data across multiple languages, including English, German and Chinese.

Joanne Davenport

General Manager Group Procurement

Our strategic objectives are to identify and deliver on global cost savings initiatives and to improve procurement processes, systems, governance and supplier relationship management across all of Fletcher’s business units, spanning 40 countries. Having worked with Zycus before in complex corporate settings and different industries,” Davenport says, “our team is confident that Zycus is up to the challenge of coping quickly and accurately with our particular needs and idiosyncrasies.

Curtis MacKenzie

General Manager of Procurement

Our team knew from experience that having a complete and integrated set of advanced procurement tools would empower us to deliver substantial cost savings very rapidly. Zycus distinguished itself by having easy-to-use solutions, being responsive to our queries, paying close attention to our unique requirements in all the various solution areas, demonstrating flexibility and committing resources to ensure we achieve rapid ROI.

Karen Martin

AMD’s Lead Source Manager and iSource lead

Zycus brings extensive experience, support and responsiveness to the table.

Garry Christie

Director of Procurement

The solution’s intuitive user interface has been essential to enabling our global team to continuously improve their analytics and reporting competencies and has significantly increased our efficiency in meeting requirements to understand spending.

Katherine Berbel

AMD’s Lead Source Manager and iPerform lead

100% adoption of the iPerform system gives us a truly global view of supplier performance and solid records retention. We are also achieving greater collaboration and process efficiency with suppliers since feedback is now automated and online through a supplier portal.

Sarah Jane

VP Procurement, Western Dental Services, Inc.

To support our continuous efforts to deliver high quality, affordable dental care, we had a management mandate to improve procurement performance and expense control across our organization. We chose Zycus mainly for the ease of use and superior functionality of the tools, which will enable us to be more effective in the way we manage sourcing and contracting. After the initial pilot program, we could clearly see the combined value proposition brought to the table by Zycus’ eSourcing and Contract Management modules.

C. G. Muralidharan

Senior Regional Manager, FCI

We operate in a highly competitive global industry where innovation and speed are everything. We believe iSource will help us to advance FCI’s strategic business objectives by increasing our bandwidth as a sourcing organization and enabling greater collaboration among our internal functions across the various worldwide manufacturing locations.

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