Ganga Siebertz

Director, Procure-to-Pay Operations, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Inc.

One of the biggest thing that we value from Zycus is their responsiveness. It really helped us with good user adoption. Zycus tool has been very instrumental for us to make timely decisions.

Scott Fitzgerald

Director of procurement, The Mentor Network

If there is a deliverable that’s due, it’s always delivered on time

Mary Kachinsky (2014)

Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

So we decided to go with Zycus for two reasons – one the fact that it was easy to implement and the resources behindZycus as far as from support or helpdesk is extraordinary. They were able to help us customize, to be able to look atthe tool the way we wanted to use it and, work with us to develop it so that it was not just user friendly but applicableto the business that we had at Cubist. And the other was the cost factor. It was very competitively priced.

Elizabeth Matias

Senior Technology Specialist, Con Edison

I think the biggest observation that I have taken away so far in terms of working with Zycus, has been the collaboration. It has really been refreshing to see a supplier come in and really want to work with their customer to develop a solution. With other companies that I worked with, I have seen, right away the supplier or the consultant or whatever just comes in and makes a recommendation without really understanding the position of the client. It is really true that the team has listened to us before making recommendations. I get the sense that they really do understand supply chain and procurement and the mechanics of these organizations and I think they really leverage experience with other clients that they either work with currently or in the past and apply those as recommendations in developing our solutions.

Bob Fair

Vice President-Global Sourcing and Procurement, McGraw Hill Education

We did an FRP and we ended up choosing Zycus as our partner. We liked it for the user interface. The team that came out there, we enjoyed the conversation. They made us feel like they are going to become good partners with us. So we were really excited about signing the deal. I like that they are forward thinking. Their tools are very user friendly, anybody can kind of pick it up, look at it and say if my 5 year old son can do it then anybody in my company can do it.

Sundar Subramaniam

Deputy General Manager - Procurement, Armstrong World Industries

Thank you very much. I think this is more like Zycus awarding themselves. They did a great job and the implementation went very well. I think its kind of historic in the time I have been here. Within eight weeks we could implement four modules, that was really great. I would also appreciate my Armstrong team and my project team to spear head this. It is a great experience. Winner of ‘Rising Procurement Hero’ Award at Zycus' Procurement Excellence Awards, Horizon 2014.

Mr. Mohammed Saeed

Divisional Senior Vice President, The Emirates Group

I would like to thank Zycus for arranging this wonderful conference and the panel of professionals who chose Mr. Saaed for the award. He always says he can only be as good (or bad) as the team who supports him, so this award is for everyone in procurement who make Mr. Saaed look good every day. Winner of ‘High Performing Procurement Leader’ Award at Zycus' Procurement Excellence Awards, Horizon 2014.

Candace Barnes

Project Manager, Implementation, Rockwell Automation

For us being able to work with Zycus that had a very short development cycle and was moving forward with technology very quickly was one of the big reasons for choosing Zycus. Another was ease-of-use; for buyers, its one where they can kind of figure out where they need to go very quickly. The customer service that Zycus has provided has been I would say higher than most than what they are used to; for me that was a big piece and will be a reason I would recommend Zycus going forward is you know the constant communication if something does happen its adjusted very quickly and then I had a regular weekly cycle during my actual implementation for both tools.

Chris Elma

Vice President of Treasury and Tax, Cincinnati Bell

Thank you I really appreciate the recognition, but, as any leader will gracefully do is recognize the people on his team. And I look at my team internal and external. Internally, Rahul Devarakonda and Brad Barnwell, were keys to our success. Zycus is as much a team, as they are as well. Them and my team commitment and vision, hard work were the keys to our success. Kudos to the entire team. Thank you. Winner of ‘Enterprise Impact’ Award at Zycus' Procurement Excellence Awards, Horizon 2013.

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