Senior Vice President - Global Delivery

As Senior Vice President of Global Delivery, Chiranjib Guha is responsible for managing the complete life cycle of Zycus' customers spanning across multiple functions of Implementation, Product Service Operations, Customer Success Management, Business Process Automation and SaaS Infrastructure Hosting & Support. Over the last 11 years at Zycus, Chiranjib has successfully led the development of Zycus' flagship product and transitioned Zycus' solution deployment model from BTF (behind-the-firewall) into a robust and secure SaaS model for the entire procurement solution suite. With his technical experience he is responsible for delivering Zycus' products and services through operational excellence. He brings along his customer success experience in leading the Customer Success Organization through continuous value realization and value engineering. Prior to joining Zycus, Chiranjib led the technical product development and implementation of HRMS (human resources management system), payroll and taxation products for various state government entities in India and China. Chiranjib has a master's degree in computer applications and a bachelor's degree in accounting & finance.

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