A Zycus Partner helps customer organizations spend better, save more, and create repeatable sustainable procurement and sourcing processes with the aim of increasing the value realized by them. Some of our partners:

We are looking for partners who will bring experience and domain expertise to guide our customers in their pursuit of better procurement performance. We offer the following partner programs.

  • Consulting Partners: Does your organization provide full service advisory, consulting and even the occasional extra staffing that a procurement team may need? You could be the kind of Consulting Partner that Zycus is looking for.
  • Sourcing Partners: Do you focus on helping organizations identify the best sources of supply, specialize in least-cost country sourcing, or leverage aggregated purchasing power of buying groups? Consider being a Zycus Sourcing Partner.
  • Integration Partners: Can you support our customers who want to install or integrate our procurement performance solution suite in their IT environment? Can you handle easy-to-integrate solutions as well as something that requires more finesse? If you have ERP integration experience our customers look for then perhaps, being an Integration Partner is for you.

Bahwan CyberTek

Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) is a digital transformation company founded in 1999 and has delivered solutions in over 20 countries. The company today has 2800+ associates, 1000+ Enterprise Customers and 3500+ SME Customers globally, including Fortune 500 Companies.
BCT is a thought leader and innovative solutions partner and has delivered transformational solutions across Logistics, Predictive Analytics, Payments & Citizen Services & Education through IP-led products and cognitive solutions, growth accelerators and outcome-based business models.

Current Consulting

Current Consulting is a Shanghai-based supply chain consultancy with a focus on sourcing solutions, supply chain sustainability, and risk management. We are a hands-on operation, with years of practical experience in China, and have serviced all levels of companies including several Swedish multi-nationals.

Earley Information Science

Earley Information Science

Earley Information Science (EIS) is a boutique information agency specializing in organizing data to enable business outcomes. We make data more findable, usable and valuable by solving product data management, content optimization, customer data and knowledge management challenges. Our governance-driven approach helps our clients achieve optimal user experiences, lower costs, and maximized revenues.

Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS)

GRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions is a market leading and innovative supplier risk management solution provider. GRMS combines highly configurable software, premium data streams and continuous human interventions to limit corporate risk and liability exposure. The company's solutions are unique, as they effectively deliver risk-management-as-an-integrated-service on fully private networks. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, GRMS serves a global clientele covering suppliers across more than 120 countries. Its solutions are being used across industry, by mid-market companies through the Fortune 50. For more information, please visit www.GlobalRMS.com.


GRA was founded in 1997 and is Australia’s premier specialist supply chain consulting firm. Our team has extensive commercial supply chain and logistics experience across a broad range of industries and at all levels of the process, both strategic and operational. For the last two decades, we have worked with over 200 organisations to turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage.

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