Procurement Award Winning Case Series from Horizon 2013: Part 1

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November 19, 2013
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In our previous blog, ‘Recapitulating the Horizon 2013 Experience‘, we mentioned the Procurement Performance Awards introduced by Zycus at Horizon 2013 and the names of the winners. In the coming series on ‘Procurement Award Winning Case Series from Horizon 2013′ we will briefly discuss the business case studies of the award winning companies to understand their procurement differentiators and success factors to better procurement performance.

We start this series with the Ace Organization Adoption Award. The Ace Organization Adoption Award is given to the best organization wide adoption of Zycus’ solutions through improved processes and user KPIs. This award resulted in a tie. The two winners of this award are Cargill, Inc. and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. We will discuss each case in separate blogs.

Cargill, Inc. is an American privately held, Multinational Corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Founded in 1865, it is now the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue. If it were a public company, it would rank, as of 2013, number 9 on the Fortune 500, behind Valero Energy and ahead of Ford Motor Company.

Industry: Food Processing

*Revenue:  $ 136.7 billion

Derek Batchelor, Director Procurement, Cargill

Business Case:

Cargill Inc uses Zycus’ iAnalyze & MDM for Spend Data Classification and Spend Visibility solutions. For the period Oct 2012-Sep 2013, Cargill‘s adoption is approximately 47%. More importantly, Cargill’s 70 business units are using Zycus’ solutions and all these business units are geographically dispersed and hence strong adoption across geographies. They efficiently use iAnalyze to analyze the data in approximately 15-20 languages.

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