January 25, 2019
Procurement Objectives 2020

Procurement Objectives 2020: It’s Intelligent to Be Early!

A whitepaper by Gartner titled, “Procurement 2020: Your Action Plan to Prepare Now,” discusses 5 procurement objectives that are to reshape procurement function by 2020. If you haven’t reviewed the suggestions yet, we’ve summarized it for you!…
September 11, 2018
Become a digital procurement superhero with 6 core skills

Become a digital procurement superhero with 6 core skills

Superior digital procurement capability helps companies gain a competitive advantage and tide through any issues that might pose a threat to business growth. According to a research study by Hackett, an amalgamation of soft as well as technical skills is required for procurement teams to succeed.…
August 28, 2018

Key Takeaways from Hackett’s Report -The CPO Agenda in 2018

Even during the times of a thriving global market, Procurement Leaders are weighed down by major challenges capable of impacting the profit margins.What are these issues? What are the trends that a Procurement professional needs to be mindful of during this digital age? Read this latest Hackett report to know.…
September 19, 2017
Customer Centric Procurement

How “Customer-Centricity” can work wonders for procurement?

Customer-Centricity in procurement is now beginning to capture the attention of senior procurement professionals after the ideology has already done wonders for functions such as marketing. Question is how will it work for Procurement.…
November 27, 2015

Procurement & Black Friday

It is certainly not true that only women love shopping. Men too enjoy the occasional buying. Especially when there are huge discounts and bumper sales…
July 31, 2015

Are procurement professionals honey bees of the organization?

Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70  out of 10…
March 30, 2015

In conversations with the CPO’s: Key Procurement Takeaways Part III

In the previous blog, I shared three key takeaways from the conversations with the CPO’s in Europe In my concluding s…
March 24, 2015

Deciphering the Procurement Technology Market

Recently Gartner released a report – Magic Quadran…
March 17, 2015

The State of Strategic Sourcing 2014 – Part VII

In the previo…
February 16, 2015

Managing Sourcing Projects – Excellence of iManage

We welcome a guest post from Hemant Gangal, Sr. Procurement Consultant at Zycus. Multitasking is a given work culture in…