May 15, 2018
The Foolproof Guide to Implementing an AP Automation Solution for Maximum ROI

The Foolproof Guide to Implementing an AP Automation Solution for Maximum ROI

Gain an end-to-end guide for how to best implement an Automation solution to derive maximum return on the amount invested and extract optimum benefits out of the automation initiative…
November 25, 2015

Source-to-Pay Suite for Single Source of Truth

Analysts say,'We should learn from the ants!!' Studies suggest that ants can take tough choices best, when in groups or colonies. This holds true for…
October 12, 2015

[WEBINAR] Four Pillars of Sourcing Success

In the midst of a global surge in innovation that has spread across all geographies and nearly every supply market, the winners in business will be th…
August 18, 2015

Feel the pulse of procurement!!!

More spending is a key component of virtually all aggressive business growth strategies. The imperative for CPOs is to determine how their organizatio…
October 20, 2014

[IACCM Webinar] The Contract Connection

Many organizations are awakening to the importance of contract management as a driver of business value. Executives increasingly talk about the need f…
September 25, 2014

[ISM Webinar] The State of Strategic Sourcing: Connecting the Dots

Ardent Partners’ new research report, “The State of Strategic Sourcing: Connecting the Dots”, incorporates the strategic sourci…
September 8, 2014

[Live Webinar – Earn CEH Credits] The S2P Secret Sauce: 8 Elements for Successful Source-to-Pay Transformation

Most organizations can define the Current State  of their Source-to-Pay process - we know where we are, after all. More challenging is creating the v…
September 3, 2014
Unleashing the Power of eSourcing

[SIG Webinar] Unleashing the Power of eSourcing

According to a recent study by The Hackett Group, 88% of the organizations cite strategic sourcing as a ‘major’ or ‘critical’ issu…
July 23, 2014

[ProcureCon Webinar] Skills for the Modern Procurement Professional

What are the critical skills demanded…
June 23, 2014

[Spend Matters Webinar] Forget the Amazon Metaphor: P2P Needs to Be More Like a GPS

Yes, eProcurement must be like Amazon. But, it can be so much more, and the best examples come from all forms of GPS-enabled smart devices and related…