November 19, 2014

Key Insights from Horizon 2014

“Nice experience! Thanks Zycus”, “Great event, really took in a lot!”… Some feedback we got from the event attendees. The praise makes all t…
November 7, 2014

Horizon 2014 – And the countdown has begun

Just two-days away from the event, the checklist is almost through and the Horizon team is all geared up to ensure the conference attendees have a won…
July 8, 2014

Horizon 2014: Look Who Will be Talking

The third edition of Horizon 2014, a procurement conclave from November 9 – 11 is scheduled at The Ritz Carlton, Amelia Islands, Florida The thre…
December 12, 2013

Walking Down the Memory Lane: Horizon 2013 Keynote Session

While we are still exploring the Horizon Award winning case studies in our…