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ANZ Government Procurement: Challenges and response to COVID-19!

By Mahak Khushalani
In Sustainable Procurement
Apr 24th, 2020

ANZ Government procurement: challenges and response to Covid - 19

Government and commercial procurement teams follow a similar approach when it comes to their procurement process. We have a look at procurement challenges in the region of ANZ. Also, government procurement is distinct from commercial as the focus is primarily on:

  • Transparency
  • Community
  • Jobs
  • Optimizing taxpayers money
  • Reaction to change

As a response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, businesses are primarily looking at cost-saving measures. Also, market and shareholder accountability drives these businesses. The government’s first reaction is to ensure that there’s continuity of supply, and minimum job losses . The community is the major shareholder for the Government. The community ensures that services are available to the people. This is their primary objective.

Also, most government departments and agencies depend on third-party vendors. These vendors handle a majority of the services that are run by the government. These third party vendors are facing the brunt of pandemic. Unlike businesses, governments do not regularly test and modify their business continuity plans around critical supplies. Hence they follow a reactionary approach to these procurement challenges.

Their dependence on third-party vendors drives this. Amidst all the doom and gloom, digital procurement has provided a ray of hope with its ease of use. It has also aided users to make necessary changes to the workflow without support from a third party. Hence, this has enabled procurement teams to continue their day to day tasks from the safety of their homes.

To know more about Government’s response to COVID-19 and about digital procurement, we caught up with Phil Chalkley-a procurement veteran- in an exclusive podcast. Listen to part-1 of this exclusive two part podcast now!


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