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The 7 Keys to Better Sourcing and Supplier Relationships

By Rohan Mishra
In Strategic Sourcing
Apr 22nd, 2014
“A recent study by Hackett Group shows that 88% of the organizations cite strategic sourcing as a ‘major’ or ‘critical’ issue in 2013 as opposed to 71% in 2012.”

The 7 Keys to Better Sourcing and Supplier Relationships

How and what you communicate during the sourcing process sets the stage for the resulting supplier relationship. And while the relationship may never be a true marriage of equals, there are several things that sourcing and supply management pros can do to get things started on the right foot.

Highlights will include insights into;

  • The top 3 CPO agendas for 2014
  • Strategies and tactics to maintain and improve key supplier relationships
  • Best practices technology enablers for strategic sourcing


Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner and Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners
Richard Waugh, Vice-President Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 2pm EDT

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