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Managing Sourcing Projects – Excellence of iManage

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We welcome a guest post from Hemant Gangal, Sr. Procurement Consultant at Zycus.

Multitasking is a given work culture in today’s corporate environment. Large organizations have multiple strategic sourcing projects that are initiated simultaneously. These projects by nature are complex as they are multiphase with multiple tasks in a phase. They may often run into weeks or even quarters with multiple stakeholders involved. To ensure the success, effective and efficient tracking of the projects become an absolute necessity.

Identifying this business need in industry, Zycus has come up with a robust solution for souring project management – iManage.

Sourcing project management

Some of the key features of iManage tool are

1. iManage supports role-based access. So a project owner can assign tasks through iManage to the actual task owner and can also set approver-reviewer hierarchy for the same. The task can be updated by its owner using individual login credentials.

2. Users with program manager rights can get the progress view of projects. Thus highlighting bottlenecks, delays if any and helping the program manager to effectively track the status of the sourcing project/s.

3. Custom field setting facilitates customer specific information entry. They are used to capture additional customer specific information related to the sourcing project. It can be customized as per the business needs of customers. Here are few examples of custom fields – Plant and plant code, cost center, project type, savings type, savings section, buying group etc.

4. Often fetching information from other systems incorporated in the organization poses as challenge. For instance getting the records of supplier performance who participated in the latest sourcing bid. This however would not be the case with iManage. It is integrated with procurement suite products for spend Analysis, eSourcing and Contract Management.

5. Efficient and effective reporting from iManage gets the facts on paper with few clicks. Reports can be shared through the tool with other users as well.

6. As an industry best practice, iManage offers business unit and category based process standardization by means of creating projects from templates. Thus resulting in better process control.

Many sourcing professionals rely heavily on excel sheets and project planning software to manage the projects. These solutions, in spite of being easy to use are not an ideal choice to manage large, complex sourcing projects.

We think iManage leads to excellent sourcing project management. What do you think?

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