What Users Want – Making People the First P in P2P: Part 2

What Users Want – Making People the First P in P2P: Part 1
May 6, 2013
The Path to Supplier Management Excellence
May 9, 2013
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In our earlier blog we discussed why most of the Procure-to-Pay initiatives are unsuccessful when it comes to organization wide adoption rate. That with so many amazing shopping portals like amazon.com or any other B2C consumer websites the P2P users expects that level of convenience while carrying out a transaction.

In this blog post we will discuss how can organizations ensure that P2P system has a high adoption rate of 90% or more.

Organizations planning to deploy or enhance existing e-Procurement programs facing adoption challenges, would do well to focus from the outset on these key usability features that matter the most to e-Procurement users – the three things users want:

1. Make it Easy – by including features like

  • Search catalogs by whatever method feels right to the end user – category, keyword, supplier, part #
  • Broad selection from multiple approved vendors
  • Filter search results by price, supplier, manufacturer
  • View Item details with rich product images
  • Compare products side-by-side with all relevant selection details – long descriptions, attachment, etc.

2. Make it Quick

  • Remove the guesswork and keystrokes
  • Speed through checkout with just one click – default all ship to/bill to information from user profile so that fields only have to be edited on an exception basis
  • Faster, More Transparent Approval Process – provide preview of workflow approval process at checkout and e-mail status updates throughout

3. (Don’t) Make Me Think

  • Guided Buying to steer the user through requisitioning for noncatalog items (including services).
  1. Auto-classify request based on user’s search term.
  2. Suggest approved vendors specific to categories, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this 2 part series on improving P2P initiative. For further reading, refer to the whitepaper “What Users Want


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