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June 15, 2016
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July 18, 2016
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For a very long time the only reference I had for integration were those god awful mathematical sums that I could never solve. By far I always found integrating these numbers difficult. Post my high school trauma, I chose not to continue with mathematics, however turns out that the integration problem will always pose the same amount of difficulty in any other field. Take procurement for example, integrating solutions becomes a real struggle, every time there is a new implementation.

Most organizations face integration challenges when they move towards source to pay automation. The recent market trend toward a single, integrated suite of “Source-to-Pay” software continues unabated.  Gartner’s IT Market Clock for Procurement and Sourcing Solutions, 2015,” first cited a key finding of “buyer interest in broad suites to reduce integration requirements, simplify architecture and reduce the number of solution vendors to manage.”  While all are key drivers for an end-to-end suite, more potential buyers are looking to be able to articulate the cumulative benefits of an all-in-one approach from a performance and cost productivity standpoint.  In short – “Show Me the Synergies” – empirical evidence and business case justification of what they instinctively know to be true – that the whole derived from integrated S2P is much greater than the sum of the parts from a piecemeal approach.


Join Richard Waugh, VP, Corporate Development, Zycus as he takes you through the webinar, that will utilize relevant market research and real-world use cases to identify and quantify the “S2P Synergies” by exploring:

  • Business process use cases highlighting specific integration and leverage touch points across S2P
  • Metrics and models for deriving the incremental ROI from an integrated approach
  • Simplification savings from reducing the number of platforms, interfaces and integrations – both for the buying organization and their supply base
  • Customer case studies illustrating expected – and unexpected – benefits, challenges and lessons learned from implementing the integrated S2P playbook
  • Strategies for coordinating internal resources and processes in concert with an integrated approach to S2P technology enablement

Date – 23rd September 2016

Time -11.00am ET

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