The Why, What & How of Contract Management: Part 5 – Implementation Best Practices

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November 15, 2013
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November 21, 2013
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The procurement department has identified the need for contract management automation, justified it to the management, selected the vendor and is now just a few days away from implementing the technology. So how can organizations ensure smooth implementation?

Implementation Best Practices

Let’s have a look at few best practices for contract management implementation.

  • Creating an incentive plan for individuals who embrace the Contract Management process and deliver ROI.
  • Documenting best practices and demonstrating how they can be facilitated by use of a Contract  Management Tool.
  • Celebrating Success and ensuring it is replicated at every Procurement Group.
  • Continuous Training till adoption is close to 100% and  in-house trainers have been certified.
  • All the metadata fields should be considered for configuration, based on the objectives. Errors in metadata upload lead the tool to return improper results.
  • Clear benefits of Contract management technology should be highlighted to all the users.
  • Ensuring that Objectives and Key Result are well defined, especially KRA ‘s should be quantifiable.
  • Sign-off from Key stake holders is key to avoid costly re-work.

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With increasing complexity in the business environment, procurement is looking to expand the use of technology for managing contracts. Automating the contracting process helps procurement attain maximum value  out of the contract with less effort.

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